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Vafkeri is a small mountainous village in the center of Lefkada. Built at an altitude of 500m, this village has traditional architecture and many renovated stone buildings. The route from Nydri to Vafkeri is idyllic, with a wonderful view to Meganisi, Skorpios and the other small islands between Lefkada and mainland Greece.

About Lefkada

Lefkada is one of the loveliest islands in Greece, and indeed the Mediterranean. It possesses unique natural beauty, lush mountains, spectacular beaches, great culture and a wonderful climate. Lefkada (Lefkas) is the only island that is connected to Mainland Greece by road, providing easy access to visitors.

Vafkeri Village

The picturesque mountain settlement of Vafkeri is located in the center of mainland Lefkada. It is a very scenic village, with stone-built houses and beautiful green verdure.

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